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Change: Plants vs. Humans

Plants, unlike humans, are not as susceptible to change as you might imagine and it is definitely true for my succulents. I have personally struggled to accept the fact that I'm not in LA anymore, and that I'm in Orange County now. It takes a lot to get used to the weather, climate, neighbors, house, furniture, and the various ways my life has changed. To be honest, my succulents have adapted and adjusted better than my mother and me. They have been enjoying the sun and the dry mud because that's what cacti and succulents live in–deserts.

My succulents have been doing quite nicely, however, my mother's flowers have been suffering. They get knocked down a lot, it's far too dry for them, and my mom and I no longer have the capacity or ability to water them several times per day.

On the other hand, I felt drastic changes, I was able to concentrate better although I was more often anxious or moody here. Just in the first few days we've moved, I've bumped my feet and scraped it more than thrice.

But overall, I guess life is good here; my mother has her own space, TV, and sofa while I have the whole 2nd floor to myself. I was able to focus and my grades yielded some great results.

I'm still adjusting, it's not like it's easy for me. My mom can't get used to the open concept kitchen and living room duplex and oh, the islands are full of her own mess– in the making.

I've decided, life's too wonderful to focus on just one thing, and you're allowed to have multiple hobbies so that's why I wrote this, to let you see how my succulents legacy can turn into my legacy and eventually, a lifetime of stories to be told.

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