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Life Updates: Important information about the page

Hi y'all. I'm Belinda if you haven't met me. I have been busy with my studies so this blog has been inactive for a while. In that consideration, I decided to make this my life blog, about my various points of views on life and a mental health journal. I have a few exciting updates. First, I'm writing a book! Yep! You heard it right, an autobiography! Then, I'm prepping for the SAT this summer and next fall. Also, I have a dog and also my mom and I's, the reason we started this website, our succulents. And also other plants in our lovely garden. I can't wait to share this all with you!

Next year, I'll be a junior. I'm happy about it but also nervous because I get to take biology (again! my favorite...) and maybe psychology or photography/acting. I also got a guitar...

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