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Updates: Hey! It's me

Hey! I'm back again. This past year has been so busy now that we are back to in-person school (sigh). Due to change of location reasons, my succulents suffered and as a result, became wilted. However, once we're settled, we bought new succulents near the end of summer break, and we have been raising them until they are mature. Meanwhile, our site will undergo some changes in both layout and the way that content is presented.

We went skiing last week. It was fun but my legs are very sore, my mom's are fine but she definitely did not enjoy the two-hour drive back turn into a six-hour drive! My dog Rourou, the culprit of destroying succulents, was put at a friend's house, so as you might expect, my succulents are resting well. Succulents do not need a lot of water, so it's not surprising that they lasted.

So you may be wondering what is happening to my new succulents. Well, they are just resting in our backyard– I mean not right now, it's pouring outside. They were just moved into their new houses or pots, I should say. Right now, they are not enjoying the cold weather, and I was wondering about the effects of winter on succulents, hence our new project which will last the whole winter, effects of cold weather. Raising succulents is something I do with my mother, and we use it as family bonding time. It is a very soothing and meditative activity to do!

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