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Why I started this blog

If you've told me planting could land me in this career a year ago, I wouldn't have believed you. At first, planting just seemed like what an old lady would do because there is nothing better to do. So as you might've guessed, when my very own mother asked me if I could help her take care of her plants, I was a little reluctant but still helped her because she was my mother. Later, when the city began to become alive, my mother got a lot of flowers from her friends and I guess I got a little jealous.

My behavior got a little stalker-ish, I would say, I would sneak in her garden when she's not at home and admire her flowers and secretly water them.

One day, a friend sent my mother an article about raising succulents, which told her about how succulent has helped people with anxiety and depression get through. Then, when I was eating lunch, she told me about it. She said that her friend and herself came up with an excellent idea to help me debrief my day while fulfilling my desire of being in control of things.

I felt like watering plants got rid of a lot of anxiety from Coronavirus and it was a great way to relax your mind and body from virtual classrooms. It made me get rid of unwanted thoughts and gave me what every teenager wants- freedom and control (well, at least that is what I wanted). Taking into consideration that I'm older now, she decided it was time for me to grow my own garden, by growing succulents.

And with that, the first step is to of course buy succulents. So on Friday, October 16, she took me to a plant nursery to pick out about... 14 succulents?

So that's it for today. My succulents are flourishing, well nearly. Since you've read to this part, I'll tell you about my plans and what to expect. So I'm planning to post once every month or so. I'll share about my succulents progress, and projects that I'm currently working on.

Thanks so much for reading!

--------------------------- Enjoy your winter break! ---------------------------

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